Akki’s Cupcakery & Tea

Vision: To promote healthier and flavorful baked goods!

Mission: Provide a healthy variety of baked goods to people with special dietary needs!

Hi, I am Akeila Tejwani, a Senior at Brandeis High School. I started this business when I was 15 years old. I am very passionate about Cakes, Cupcakes, and Working with Kids!

If you are looking for VEGAN, KETO, PALEO, Gluten-free (or a combination) Cakes, Cupcakes along with Tea in San Antonio then, you have come to the right place! We use mostly ORGANIC ingredients in our creations and would love to serve you and your family! 

I came up with the idea of using organic ingredients for all my recipes and donating 50% of the profits to kids charities in San Antonio.

EVERYTHING IS MADE FRESH TO ORDER! We do not make dozens of cupcakes every day, so whatever you order is made fresh ONLY FOR YOU!! I am in high school, so the business is under my father’s name, but I do everything in it!

Akki’s Cupcakery Donates All of It’s Q4 2019 & Q1 2020 Profits to Kids Charities and Non-Profits in San Antonio

I wanted to come up with healthy and vegan options for kids to enjoy the baking savories. Lots of kids are not able to enjoy all the baked food due to an unhealthy amount of calories found in baked products at grocery stores. Also, the ingredients used by them are not healthy for overall health and fitness.

Best Bakery in San Antonio             

This way it will help the community in San Antonio and also fulfill my desire to be a health-conscious baker.

Join me in this fun-filled journey for you and your kids that will help them enjoy the cupcakes and become a Healthier Happier YOU!!

The Team:

This team is the wonderful Tejwani Family, we are like a symphony in the kitchen and together we can accomplish anything and everything we put our mind to. We live by our core values every day, HUGPC (Health & Happiness, Upright, Gratitude, Pay Forward, and Continuous Learning) and we implement them in the joyous family environment at home. It is composed of Ajay, Pooja, Nikita, and Rajni Tejwani and each one plays an important role in contributing to the Cupcakery!

You can donate HERE to support our cupcakery!

The list of local children non-profits are(please click on the images below to learn more about them):