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Akki’s Cupcakery Donates All of It’s Q4 2019 & Q1 2020 Profits to Kids Charities and Non-Profits in San Antonio

Chief Baker of Akki’s Cupcakery & Tea, Akeila Tejwani, announced that the Akki’s Cupcakery & Tea has donated funds to five local kids charities in San Antonio and Cherry Hill Seminary. Donations were made to JDRF ($200), CAMP ($200), SJRC($500), The Ferrari Kid ($325), HeartGift($200), and Cherry Hill Seminary ($500) . Due to COVID-19, the need in our community has become increasingly stronger and the Akki’s Cupcakery decided to donate ALL of its profits to Kids Charities.

Akki’s Cupcakery was committed to giving 50% of its profits to kids charities but due to the current COVID-19 situation, Akeila felt that this was an important time to share with these non-profit kids organizations.

“Our nation and the entire world are going through a very tough time. I am counting my blessings at this point and thanking God for everything we have and not worry about things that we don’t,” said Akeila Tejwani

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Akki’s Cupcakery on Kens5

Teen’s cupcakery more than sweet ambition | Kids Who Make SA Great

At 15-years-old, Akeila ‘Akki’ Tejwani owns a cupcakery. The product is made from organic ingredients. She splits her profits with children’s charities in SA.

Author: Marvin Hurst
Published: 8:13 AM CDT March 17, 2020
Updated: 8:15 AM CDT March 17, 2020

SAN ANTONIO — The Tejwani house is fragrant with the smell of baked goods. Outside their front door is a huge banner stretching up advertising Akki’s Cupcakery. In the kitchen, Akeila Tejwani president and CEO of her own business at 15.

“So, I had this passion for baking,” Akeila said. “I started when I was four-years-old.”

Akeila said she used to watch baking shows with her mother, Pooja. The teen got serious about her baking last October. She approached her parents about opening an organic bakery.

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Why Choose Organic ingredients for Cupcakes when it’s already Vegan, Gluten-Free or KETO?

Image Source:https://www.bicycling.com/

A lot of people discouraged me from using organic ingredients as having a label VEGAN CUPCAKE or KETO CUPCAKE should be enough to get the attention and charge a premium for it. I did notice that when someone says VEGAN or KETO then no more questions are asked and people pay extra for it.

Yes, I agree that it is more difficult and time-consuming to make GLUTEN-FREE, KETO and VEGAN Cupcakes in San Antonio, BUT if we don’t make them Organic then we are really not tackling the real health issue.

Let us first talk about the baking ingredients in general that needs to be used for Cupcakes:

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Best Bakery in San Antonio

Welcome to Akki’s Cupcakery – Learn about my philosophy and why I started this cupcakery

I was always keen on doing something for the kids in San Antonio. Whenever I got an opportunity to teach or help other kids or my peers, I always came forward and loved doing it.

I really enjoy baking and I am very thankful that my parents have supported me to pursue this as my first entrepreneurship venture. My goal is to support the community in SA and 50% of all proceeds go to Children’s non-profits in San Antonio. You can learn more about it here.

I am right now starting out with this venture and I am not clear what all needs to happen to make it but I am determined to find out. In the end, I want to ensure that I am able to leave a positive impact in this world and pay forward and share my talent that shall benefit the kids in SA.

I don’t know where this will take me and this is my way of paying forward to the community around me.

Pupcakes in San Antonio! – 3 reasons why you need choose Pupcakes!

  1. Our Pupcakes are made with all Organic healthy ingredients!

Your dog’s a part of your family, so you want to make sure he or she eats like it too! If you are into organic foods then you would love to try our pupcakes! In our pupcake ingredients, you won’t find any chemicals or artificial preservatives like you do in so many other cupcakes. In our ingredients, we just use wholesome ingredients that we use when we bake for you! Plus, we have gluten-free options, which is ideal for pups with sensitive tummies or on gluten-free or wheat-free diets.

  1. Pupcakes are homemade and labelled!

There’s something special about giving your pup a homemade treat! It just feels like there’s more love in it and we add our passion and love when we make it for your pup. Your mom’s homemade cookies taste better than ones you get at the grocery store, right? With our pupcakes, you’re able to share that same homemade feel-good feeling with your pup.! Plus, you know exactly what’s going into your pup’s treats and can guarantee they’re getting only the healthiest, tastiest treats.

  1. Pupcakes can be a part of a balanced, healthy canine diet year-round in Texas

As a general rule, treats should never make up more than 10% of your dog’s daily diet. Pupcakes can be a healthy treat for your dogs year-round when given in moderation. In addition to birthdays, holidays, gotcha days, and anniversaries, you can use pupcakes as a high-value treat when training your dog or as a reward after a long day of work or exercise. Finally, you know your pup the best, so do what is right by him or her.


You can BUY THE PUPCAKES IN SAN ANTONIO HERE: https://akkiscupcakery.com/shop/cupcake/pupcakes-pack-of-6/



Akeila Tejwani from Brandeis High School is another Champion For Change! She donates part of her home bakery profits to local charities in San Antonio.

After visiting bakeries, I felt that there was a need for a healthier bakery that delivers fresh products. Many storefront bakeries keep their baked goods for more than a day & are not fresh. ”

— Akeila Tejwani

SAN ANTONIO, TX, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2020 – Akeila Tejwani from Brandeis High School is another Champion For Change! This unique student started her own bakery inside her home using healthy ingredients. She donates part of her profits to local charities. She truly embodies the values of our Champions For Change!

Akeila Tejwani is the CEO of Akki’s Cupcakery. At 15-years-old, she is running a baking business from her home. Her concept came from wanting to make sure kids were eating better ingredients in their food. Then, she decided to split her proceeds with local charities that help children. The charities get a 50% percent cut. This is her first year in business. At the end of April, Akeila donated more than $1,700 to six charities. When the pandemic hit, she decided to give all of her profit to the same groups.

Akeila puts others before herself. That is why she is a Champion for Change.

“I am very thrilled to get the Champion of Change award and it means a lot to me. I was giving back to the charities as part of our family core values is PAY FORWARD, which means give back without expecting anything in return. This is totally unexpected.” Says Akeila (Akki) Tejwani. 

“I am to show my gratitude to Mr. Marvin Hurst from KENS5 and Ms. Morgan Downing-Shannon from Methodist Healthcare for this honor. I have no words to express my gratitude. Lastly, a BIG THANKS to all my customers who trusted me for their special occasion. I could not have donated without their support.” 

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Difference between Keto and Paleo Bakery in San Antonio

I have been getting a lot of calls about Paleo and Keto products for our bakery in San Antonio.

So, I went out to do my research and here is what I found:

What is Keto Diet?

The primary goal of this type of diet is to put your body into a state of ketosis, which is when your body uses fat instead of carbohydrates as its primary energy source. When your body enters ketosis, fat travels to the liver and makes an acid called ketones, which enter your bloodstream and are converted into energy.

Unlike Paleo, Keto severely limits carbs and eliminates fruit and some starchy vegetables. For your body to enter ketosis, a good percentage of your calories (generally, somewhere between 60-80%, according to keto experts) needs to come from fats.

The extremely low level of carbs on the Keto Diet can cause what’s known as the keto flu, which causes headaches, nausea, muscle cramping, and fatigue. Like the Paleo Diet, these unpleasant side effects generally subside after a few weeks. Drinking plenty of water and getting a full night’s sleep should help.

This diet will help you lose more weight in a small amount of time.

What is Paleo Diet?

The Paleo Diet focuses on foods that are high in protein and rich with fiber. There’s a strong emphasis on meat, fruits, and vegetables — basically taking us back to the beginning of mankind.

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11 reasons to choose Akki’s Cupcakery over other standard bakeries in San Antonio

I believe I’m trying to obtain the trend bakery and baking products and trying to go completely online so that it’s easier for people to shop,  pickup, or get delivery for them and their loved ones. We are getting a lot of inquiries about out of town users who are getting sweet things for their families in San Antonio. YES, WE DELIVER! and it has been a great thing for our customers.

Why Choose Akki's Cupcakery & Tea over Standard Bakeries?


Here a few reasons to choose Akki’s Cupcakery & Tea over standard bakeries:

    1. Organic Ingredients – We use mostly Organic Ingredients in our baking – Learn why it is IMPORTANT to use organic ingredients: CHOOSE ORGANIC FOR YOUR HEALTH

    2. Specialty Bakery – We have Vegan, Keto, and Gluten-Free Options – We always try to innovate and create new recipes so you will never be bored. What is next – PEGAN diet desserts!

    3. Support Kids Charities in San Antonio – Profit Sharing with Kid’s Charities in San Antonio – We share our profits with Kids charities and in 2020 we gave away close to $2,000. Here is the link to the news: kki’s Cupcakery Donates All of It’s Q4 2019 & Q1 2020 Profits to Kids Charities and Non-Profits in San Antonio

    4. Fully e-Commerce Enabled Website – Instead of spending on a storefront, we decided to ramp up our website and make it mobile-friendly with full e-commerce capability. We are also planning to launch Mobile Apps for iOS and Android very soon so stay tuned!

    5. Custom Cake Delivery in San Antonio – Custom Cakes delivery within 24-48 hours – Based on the number of orders, we have worked for our clients through the wee hours in the night to make delivery to their loved ones.

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Akki’s Cupcakery & Tea Introduces Gift Cards for Online Purchase & Delivery – Cupcakery in San Antonio

Akki’s Cupcakery & Tea Offers Regular, Vegan, Gluten-Free and KETO Cupcakes and Cakes in San Antonio. 50% of Profits are shared with Kids’ Charities in SA

Help Support Small Business like ours to support Kids Charities in San Antonio”

— Akeila Tejwani

SAN ANTONIO, TX, UNITED STATES, March 24, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Akki’s Cupcakery and Tea is a small business out of San Antonio, Texas has started offering Gift Cards to everyone. “We want to support the families during the hard times and give them an opportunity to order Cakes, Cupcakes, and Tea for their loved ones as most of the retail stores are closed,” says Akeila Tejwani, Chief Baker.

“We are trying to get people used to the fact that they can purchase Cakes and Cupcakes online. If Elon Musk can sell cars online then why can’t I sell Cupcakes” says Akeila.

Akki’s Cupcakery and Tea offers FREE Pickup, Doordash Delivery Or Regular Delivery for their products. 50% of profits are shared with Kids charities in San Antonio, Texas.

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How I made my Vegan Cake Delicious!!

As started selling my vegan cupcakes in San Antonio, I got a lot of people telling me to say hey when can I make veganCakeFor their birthday party on the upcoming eventAuto vegan meet up. If there’s give me 90 it to think about how do I make a recipe for vegan eaters in San Antonio and give them a vegan cake that they definitely not only relish but also share that with their friends and family.

So, here is what I did. I made my recipe and asked my friends to try that cake and of course I did not tell them what I used and let them try it. Guess what they really liked it and thought it was one of the best vegan cakes they had.

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Keto Cupcakes and Gluten Free Cupcakes in San Antonio – Are they both the same?

So, I heard a lot about Keto diets and I wrote about my understanding of KETO diet in this blog post

So, now the next question I got asked was ” Are your cupcakes GLUTEN-FREE?” I was not sure and guess what I decided to find out what is gluten-free exactly mean.

Here is what I found:

What is GLUTEN?

Gluten is found in many types of foods that we consume every day. It is found in wheat and other grains such as oats, rye, and barley. Gluten makes the grain GLUE-LIKE  when mixed with water. E.g., the gluten found in wheat bread flour helps the bread to rise and gives it a chewy taste, imagine bread having no chewy taste then you can finish it in one bite. Gluten is used very widely in various food additives and ingredients, which makes it difficult to avoid its use in baking and other items on your grocery list.

A gluten-free diet is generally used to treat people with celiac disease, or those who have gluten sensitivity and experience discomfort and symptoms after consuming gluten.

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What is Vegan Diet?

 I have been looking into being a Vegan and here is what I found:

Vegans avoid all animal-derived foods – so as well as meat and fish, that means no eggs, dairy or honey. They also exclude animal byproducts like rennet used in cheese making, gelatine in desserts and certain E numbers including the red food dye cochineal (E120). Even certain vegetarian foods, such as some meat substitutes, are off the menu because they contain egg and sometimes dairy. vegan cake shop near me

I spoke to my vegan friends and they told a few things that they did when they turned Vegan:

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