Pupcakes in San Antonio! – 3 reasons why you need choose Pupcakes!

  1. Our Pupcakes are made with all Organic healthy ingredients!

Your dog’s a part of your family, so you want to make sure he or she eats like it too! If you are into organic foods then you would love to try our pupcakes! In our pupcake ingredients, you won’t find any chemicals or artificial preservatives like you do in so many other cupcakes. In our ingredients, we just use wholesome ingredients that we use when we bake for you! Plus, we have gluten-free options, which is ideal for pups with sensitive tummies or on gluten-free or wheat-free diets.

  1. Pupcakes are homemade and labelled!

There’s something special about giving your pup a homemade treat! It just feels like there’s more love in it and we add our passion and love when we make it for your pup. Your mom’s homemade cookies taste better than ones you get at the grocery store, right? With our pupcakes, you’re able to share that same homemade feel-good feeling with your pup.! Plus, you know exactly what’s going into your pup’s treats and can guarantee they’re getting only the healthiest, tastiest treats.

  1. Pupcakes can be a part of a balanced, healthy canine diet year-round in Texas

As a general rule, treats should never make up more than 10% of your dog’s daily diet. Pupcakes can be a healthy treat for your dogs year-round when given in moderation. In addition to birthdays, holidays, gotcha days, and anniversaries, you can use pupcakes as a high-value treat when training your dog or as a reward after a long day of work or exercise. Finally, you know your pup the best, so do what is right by him or her.


You can BUY THE PUPCAKES IN SAN ANTONIO HERE: https://akkiscupcakery.com/shop/cupcake/pupcakes-pack-of-6/


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